Avinash Ghosh is a contradiction on 2 legs. Legally named Abinash but popularly Avinash. Avinash is Bengali but was born and brought up in Odisha. He is not an engineer but works in a software company and wears 4XL shirt but drives a Nano. The only things that coincide are his looks and his humour.. both are funny as hell! Avinash realised late in life that the only thing about him that is taken seriously, are his jokes. He firmly believes that laughter is the best medicine to cure pain and hatred and doles it out generously! Catch Avinash at the CC Chuckle Hunt: Hyderabad!

 CC Chuckle Hunt: Hyderabad – Preliminary Round 2
DATE: 30th November 2016
TIME: 10:00PM
DETAILS: This is the Second Preliminary Round of the CC Chuckle Hunt: Hyderabad. The Top 3 out of 10 Competing Comedians will Battle it Out with the Top 3 from the First Preliminary Round for the Grand Prize at the Finals on 1st Dec!