Problem # 1: Umesh was born in a middle class family. Problem # 2: They are Marwari. Now, Umesh also is. Problem # 3: Umes studied engineering. Problem # 4: He is working hard to be a 1st class Software Engineer. Problem # 5: He has a 3rd class Manager. This is just the beginning of the list. He tried sharing my problems with ‘loved ones’ but they always burst out laughing. It didn’t solve anything, but it sure did make this list of problems seem funny. Umesh then started using this Laughter ‘Tonic’ which transformed into a Standup ‘Comic’. Yes, it’s a terrible rhyme. That’s why he’s not a poet. Catch Umesh at the The Charminars and the Nitin Mirani Live Shows!

SHOW: The Charminars
DATE: 11th December 2016
TIME: 6:00PM
DETAILS: The show features Stand-Up Comedy by Saikiran Rayaprolu (HYD), Rohit Swain (HYD), Umesh Somani (HYD) and Shadab Aziz (HYD), and Hosted by Bhavneet Singh (HYD). Doors Open: 5:30PM; Show: 6:00PM. This event is 21+. Please carry a valid ID.

SHOW: Nitin Mirani Live!
DATE: 15th December 2016
TIME: 8:00PM
DETAILS: The show features a Stand-Up Comedy Special by Nitin Mirani (DUB/BOM), Featuring Umesh Somani (HYD) and Hosted by Vikram Poddar (BOM). Doors Open: 9:30PM; Show: 10:00PM. This event is 21+. Please carry a valid ID.