The Black Dog Masala Mayhem Comedy Fest is being put together by Arun Govada and Vasu Primlani along with the support of a bunch of awesome people.

Arun Govada is a US-born, Hong Kong-raised, Indian Comedian, Musician and Business Professional. He speaks fluent Mandarin, barely-broken Hindi, and British English with an American accent. Confused? So is he! Arun has been trained in Indian Carnatic Music, has performed in countless musicals on stage, and has been singing solo and accompanying himself on the piano and the guitar since he can remember; he sings and writes music in English, Mandarin and Hindi. Recently, Arun was invited as a guest artist on Taiwan Super Idol (超级偶像) for Taiwan TV.


Arun started performing stand-up comedy while living between Hong Kong and Shanghai in 2012. This push came after he created and released a comedic video on YouTube on a whim poking fun at the crazy things Indian Parents say to their kids. This video amassed over 300,000 views almost overnight which propelled him to try his hand on stage. He has been performing for the last 4 years and his routines are a mix of cultural commentary explained through the misunderstandings he’s constantly getting into because of his odd background. To date, Arun has performed stand-up in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Singapore, Bangkok, London, Boston, New York, San Francisco, and across India. He was recently featured on the Desi Comedy Festival in California and has been written about in TimeOut Hong Kong, The New Indian Express, The Times Of India and The Hindu.

Currently, Arun is based in Hyderabad, India where he opened and launched his first entrepreneurial venture, Hyderabadass Comedy Club, as the premiere platform for comedy in the city. His vision is to connect the Indian comedy scene with his network of comedians and clubs across the world.

Vasu Primlani is an award-winning comedian based in India. Her pioneering stand-up comedy is based on a scintillating look at life through the environment, based on her work in the United States, very strong social commentary, inter personal relationships, seeing India through new eyes (including how George Bush is like her mother), gender politics, men vs. women, climate change, environmental messaging, politics in a social context, a literary look at comedy, and experiences of an immigrant bumping into the culture and the laws of the United States. She is a keen observer of life around her, is often baffled by meaningless events and things. She constantly questions the notion of normal, and challenges the male-dominated and heterosexist mindset of society. She is best known for her physical humour and deadpan expressions.